Sangsurya - Byron Bay
95 Old Bangalow Road Byron Bay NSW 2481Sangsurya

Sangsurya - Residential Retreats & Seminar Groups

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A 12m x 11m workshop area with good natural light featuring timber floors and a high ceiling is located in a secluded area with views to the Pacific Ocean. It has a halogen lighting system, with an attached kitchen for morning teas, and lunches, and an individual session room. A whiteboard and pens, and audio and video systems are available.

There is accommodation available for large groups or individuals in well-lit and ventilated rooms, all serviced with showers and toilets. There is no smoking, or shoes to be worn, inside any of the buildings.
Group Room

Group Room

Experienced caterers can provide all types of menus including macrobiotic and vegan if required. Dining facilities are provided in the main house which is 150 metres from the group room.

  • Insulated timber floors
  • Front and rear covered decks
  • Views to the ocean and forest
  • Spacious well-ventilated room with overhead fans, reverse cycle airconditioning and gas heating. The hall takes up to 23 participants for yoga.
  • Ozone purified swimming pool
  • Walking tracks
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